Support of entrepreneurship

Support of entrepreneurship, assistance of small businesses in the form of small loans are needed for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. Financial support is essential not only at the stage of creation and development of own business, but also for existing firms with low incomes.

The development of the market of microfinance services contributes to the overall improvement of the socio-economic situation in the business sector and simplifies the procedure of starting a business.

It is important for entrepreneurs to have online access to financial resources, which provides microfinance system. It is quite fast and convenient to get these funds.

Microloans in Rostov region are provided by microfinance institutions. They include funds of support of small businesses, local development funds, consumer credit cooperatives, NPO "Rostov Regional Business Support Agency." At present moment microfinance institutions of Rostov region actively issue loans to small businesses. Moreover, these organizations serve as a springboard that allows emergent entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary experience and good opportunity to give a good account of themselves as borrowers, without which there is no access to traditional banking services.

Compulsory conditions of loan granting are:

  • Candidate belonging to small and medium-sized business entities or infrastructure objects of support of entrepreneurship;

  • Provision of accurate information and documentation;

  • Lack of arrears to the budget on the closing date

  • Availability of candidate’s contract performance guarantee

  • Lack of reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy, as well as the absence of limitations in legal terms, in accordance with current legislation;

  • Availability of settlement account;

Rate of interest for the use of monetary funds provided as a loan, is set depending on the loan sum, type and amount of security, maturity term, but not less than the discount rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation active on the date of the loan increased by five percentage points.