Vladimir Putin: Russia's economic growth rates exceed 2%


The growth rate of the Russian economy exceeded 2%, and inflation is at a record low for the country, President Vladimir Putin said during the summit of the BRICS leaders (Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa). "We are entering a recovery in the pace of economic growth. They are not the same as in India or China, but after the recession we see and fix the growth of the economy by more than 2%, "the Russian president said at the meeting.

He added that Russia is deepening economic cooperation with the BRICS countries in conditions of overcoming the crisis phenomena in the economy. According to the head of state, investments in fixed assets (about 4%) are increasing in the country, trade turnover is growing, with the exception of oil and gas sector (25% in the first half), a record low unemployment rate (around 5%), industrial and agricultural production.

"Our joint efforts to integrate the efforts of our economies to ensure not only economic growth but also the well-being of our citizens is an important factor in our overall development, and this should tune us to strengthen cooperation," Vladimir Putin told his BRICS counterparts.

The summit of the leaders of the BRICS countries opened in the South China coastal city of Xiamen yesterday and will last two days. The summit participants already held talks in a narrow composition.