The results of the business census in the Rostov region


The results of the business census for 2015 were announced on August 8 at a press conference in DGTU. Participation in the press conference was made by the head of Rostovstat, Marina Samoilova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Rostov Region Oleg Kryzhanovskiy, rector of the DSTU Besarion Meskhi, director of the ANPRO "PAPPA" Inna Korolkova.

- Today, according to the Single Register of Small and Medium Enterprises, more than 177,000 small and medium-sized businesses have been registered in the region. Entrepreneurs produce a fifth of the gross regional product, - said Oleg Kryzhanovskiy.

The head of Rostovstat, Marina Samoilova, said that the results of monitoring for 2015 once again confirm the status of the Rostov region as a region with high entrepreneurial activity: in terms of the number of SMEs, Rostov Region took the sixth place among the subjects of the Russian Federation, and the second by the number of IP. In addition, the number of entrepreneurs (from among the respondents) who took advantage of these or other measures of state support is significantly higher than the average Russian indicator - 4.6% of the number of respondents compared to 2.7%.

- In the Rostov region, a "reformatting" of the approach to business support is being carried out, including, first of all, increasing the availability of state support of any level, "Oleg Kryzhanovskiy added. - In the priority of "returnable" measures in the form of providing microloans and guarantees (sureties).

Another area in which statistics are actively involved is the labor market, whose prediction on the instructions of the governor Vasily Golubev is now actively working in the region. As the rector of the DSTU Besarion Meskhi told, the basic university together with the Petrozavodsk State University calculated the forecast of the personnel requirement until 2025.

- This forecast is important for regional authorities when agreeing on admission control figures for secondary vocational education, as well as planning the retraining programs for the employment service, "the rector explained.

To ensure that the forecast data was available not only to specialists, but also to all residents of the region, the portal "My Career in the Rostov Region" functions.

So, according to the forecast, the annual additional demand for personnel will be 65 - 68 thousand people. The most popular professions are engineer-designer, engineer-technologist.