The number of participants in the start-up forum in the Rostov region quadrupled


More than 600 young entrepreneurs united the start-up forum of the Rostov region, which took place on August 18.

The forum is held annually and is a key event of the federal program "You are an entrepreneur", which has been implemented in the region since 2011.

The organizer is the government of the Rostov region represented by the Ministry of Economic Development with the support of the Legislative Assembly, the Administration of Rostov-on-Don, the DSTU and the New Rostov Rostov Center, the Rostov Region Guarantee Fund.

The startup forum is unique in that it helps to gather representatives of different professions and generations on one platform: schoolchildren and students, young and experienced entrepreneurs, representatives of executive authorities and commercial structures.

A rich program was prepared for the participants: trainings on the basics of doing business, master classes on smm-promotion, negotiation and sales, and "mentoring" seminars - successful entrepreneurs will share their experience with the younger generation.

Within the framework of the forum, the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Papushenko also met with schoolchildren and students, young entrepreneurs. In the format "without ties" the minister told the audience about the profession of an entrepreneur, what skills are necessary for a businessman.

The participants of the meeting asked various questions: what kind of education can help in the way of business formation - humanitarian or technical, are the skills of speaking skills important for the manager, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself, how much self-education is necessary, at what age you can try your hand at business.

In the Rostov region, active work is being carried out to popularize entrepreneurship among the younger generation. Since 2010, in schools and colleges in the Rostov region, an additional subject "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Activity" is being introduced. An Internet textbook for schoolchildren has been developed. Annually regional olympiads on entrepreneurship, educational courses for teachers reading this subject are held.

"As a result of this work, children are already participating in contests at the school age, they develop and offer interesting, and most importantly, fully-ready business projects," said Maxim Papushenko.

For students of Don universities and colleges, there is also a project "Business School of a Young Entrepreneur": young people learn the basics of entrepreneurship through "business games", internships at large enterprises.

"It is important that representatives of the business community participate in educational events for young people," the minister added. - Successful entrepreneurs of our region actively and with pleasure invite the younger generation to their enterprises and become mentors to the young".

The result of the start-up forum of the Rostov region-2017 was traditionally the announcement of the results of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition "Young Entrepreneur of Russia". The winners will represent the Don Region in the final competition in Moscow.