The growth rate of the Don economy is projected to be several times higher than the national to 2020 year


August 16 at a meeting of the regional government, approved the forecast of social and economic development of the Rostov region for 2018-2020.

The draft of the corresponding resolution was presented by the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Papushenko.

"The forecast was calculated on the basis of scenario conditions for the development of the country's economy as a whole, settlements and proposals of municipalities, sectoral ministries and departments, performance indicators of enterprises in all spheres," the minister explained. - By most indicators of the forecast, the growth rate of the Rostov region exceeds the average Russian.

Thus, according to the forecast, in 2018-2020 GRP growth rates will on average double the average Russian indicator: the annual growth will be 2.3-3% (on average in the country - 1.5%). The volume of industrial production in this period will grow by 5-5,7%, which more than twice exceeds the average Russian dynamics. The total profit of the Don enterprises in the years 2018-2020 will increase by 8.7-9.7% (the average for the country is 3.7-5.9%). The growth in turnover of small and medium-sized businesses in 2018-2020 is estimated at an average of 7-11% per year.

During the development of the forecast, tasks were taken to implement the May decrees and the President's Address to the Federal Assembly.

"The presented forecast of socio-economic development of the Rostov region for three years is focused primarily on raising the standard of living of Donetsk residents, including through the development of priority sectors of the economy, improving the investment climate, development of small and medium-sized businesses," Maxim Papushenko summed up.