The farm movement on the Don is rapidly moving forward


State support of farms in the Rostov region in 2016 in the total volume of financial support for the agro-industrial complex grew from 6 to 24 percent, reaching an unprecedented amount of 1.37 billion rubles. This was reported by the first deputy governor of the Rostov region Viktor Goncharov at the 5th agricultural forum "Don farmer", which was held in Rostov-on-Don the day before.

Don farmers account for one third of the total harvest of grain crops and 35 percent of the crop of vegetables. In the total volume of gross agricultural products, they account for one-fifth of all production, Goncharov noted. As it was noted at the meeting, in addition to "productive use", farmers are the "core" of the social development of the village: they not only provide jobs for people, but also support various social initiatives, invest in the improvement of yards and streets, help the needy strata of the population.

Farmers recognize that a new form of support for farmers - grants - have proven very effective. Since 2012, 432 farmers in the Rostov region have received a billion rubles from them from the budget. This allowed 363 people to start their own business in the countryside, and 69 family livestock farms were created. According to the number of beginning farmers, the Rostov Region is today the first place among the regions of the Southern Federal District. And, incidentally, the second largest in the number of family livestock farms (here, the largest average grant for the development of a family cattle-breeding farm is 7.5 million rubles). And this support, in general, will not decrease. Only in 2017 there were allocated 364 million for grant programs.

The conference discussed farmer problems. There are many of them. But the authorities are ready to help everyone, than they can, within the limits of their powers. For example, one of the main problems is lending. Own funds for conducting full-scale seasonal work from small farms are not, and sometimes it is not easy to get loans, and the rates on them are very high. Therefore, since 2017, a system of concessional lending has been introduced. According to the government of the Rostov region, agricultural producers engaged in processing agricultural products can receive a loan at a preferential rate from one to five percent per annum. By law, no less than 30 percent of the subsidies allocated for this should be directed to providing short-term loans to peasant farms.

There were several round tables at the conference, where representatives of government, business and public structures could talk about specific branches of the agro-industrial complex. Summarizing the meeting, Victor Goncharov stressed that today there are certain "growth points" that will be most profitable from the point of view of profitability, sales opportunities and so on. As a rule, this applies to food products with high added value: meat and dairy products, greenhouse vegetables, deep grain processing and so on. And it is in these areas that the state will direct its key support measure.