The company "Lenta" will expand its presence in the Rostov region


The company "Lenta" will expand its presence in the Rostov region. On this day, 30 September, Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev and Development Director of OOO "Lenta" Pavel Remezov agreed to at the site of the international investment forum "Sochi-2016".

The parties signed the agreement that has the investment of 3 billion rubles, which the company intends to invest in the construction of three of its hypermarkets in the Rostov region. On the new outlets will create 550 jobs.

The first agreement with OOO "Lenta" government of the Rostov region signed three years ago in the framework of "Sochi 2013". Then the company has promised to build in the Don region six hypermarkets, having invested in this 5.4 billion rubles. This year the company is fully perform its obligations under a previous contract. Today in the Rostov region has four hypermarkets in operation and two more - in the final stages of construction. And now is created a new contract.

"It's nice to deal with a reliable partner. With the company "Lenta" we interact not the first year, and it is consistently implementing its commitments. I think that the residents of the Rostov region of this interaction, all benefit from this new modern shopping centers with a decent level of service ", - said Vasily Golubev.