TPP of Rostov region provides legal, expert, information, advice and assistance to organizations, individual entrepreneurs and citizens on issues related to business activities, including conducting the examination of criminal cases related to economic activity.

The Legal Department of CCI of Rostov region provides the following services:

- Carries out on behalf of the state and municipal authorities, law firms, Russian and foreign organizations, individual entrepreneurs and citizens examination of contracts, including foreign trade, and other legal documents in the interests of business activities;

- Represents the interests of business in court, arbitration court for disputes related to business activities, relationships with controlling (supervising) bodies;

- Carries out anti-corruption examination of tender documentation and the anti-corruption expertise of normative legal acts (draft acts) of the federal, regional and municipal authorities;

- Assessing the regulatory impact of existing and emerging regulatory acts on the activities of organizations and businesses;

- Promotes in organizations and business risk mitigation systems and prophylaxis (prevention) korruptsionnyhpravonarusheny in corporate activity (definition of entities or officials responsible for the prevention of corruption and other offenses, the development and introduction of standards and procedures aimed at preventing anti-corruption manifestations) ;

- Gives the conclusions of the examination of draft laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation, draft municipal legal acts;

- Advice on the problems of economic activity;

- Providing services on legal support of land titling and registration of real estate transactions;

- Produces legal support of activity of the organizations and individual entrepreneurs;

- Maintain a register of commercial designations.

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