On Don the pilot project of MFTs for business is realized

The special attention in work is paid to expansion of infrastructure and increase in number of services, including consulting, available in business MFTS or in specialized "windows" of the multipurpose centers.

- We plan to create based on the MFTs Don network the single centers of competences for all services for business. For this purpose today work on filling of information system of the multipurpose centers as actual data on non-state services for business community which provide the organizations entering into infrastructure of support of entrepreneurship is conducted: institutes of business development, financial institutions, - the deputy governor of the Rostov region Vasily Rudoy has emphasized.

Donskoy provide to MFTS 125 state services oriented to business including measures of its support. These are 20 services of federal executive bodies, 71 regional services, 31 standard services of municipal level and 3 services of Federal corporation in development of small and average entrepreneurship. The number of measures of state support to entrepreneurs has included the subsidies compensating part of costs for the organization of res nova, acquisition of a property, plant and equipment, interest payment on the credits.

Today entrepreneurs address in MFTs generally for the state registration of legal entities and SP, provision of data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) and the Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs (USRPE), for the state registration of the rights to real estate, statement for the cadastral registration and receipt of data from the State Immovable Property Cadastre.

Through MFTs it is possible to resolve issues of receipt of the parcels of land in property and lease, to sign supplementary agreements to lease contracts, free use by the earth, and also to get the construction license.