Maxim Oreshkin: Foreign investors' sentiment is positive in connection with the restoration of the Russian economy


The Russian Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin, at the end of the meeting of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAS) noted the positive attitude of foreign investors related to the restoration of the Russian economy.

"The Russian economy has begun to recover, economic growth has begun and companies feel it on their rates," he said.

Foreign direct investment in the Russian economy, he said, in the first half reached $ 14 billion. "All indicators show that foreign business is again actively moving to Russia and sees long-term development goals," said the head of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

Among the issues discussed at the session were, in particular, the topic of taxes. "The members of the FIAC raised the issue related to the tax on movable property, here the decisions have already been taken by the government," said Maxim Oreshkin.

In addition, he said, the issue related to deductions for the construction of infrastructure facilities by foreign companies was discussed. The problem also concerns Russian companies, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development said. Here, the government intends to work, including in the framework of a new initiative on infrastructure mortgages and tax refunds, which are paid by those companies that build infrastructure facilities.

"The second story related to the development of infrastructure is a new wave of investments in the electric power industry, approaches to the so-called proposals for DPM 2, that is, the formation of a base for sustainable investments in energy and the development of the energy sector," said Maxim Oreshkin.

As for issues related to the introduction of electronic veterinary certificates, according to the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, during the meeting it was decided to postpone their introduction for some time, so that the process of introducing and connecting new commodity groups would occur most gently and would not lead to interruptions with supplies.

"A separate block discussed the development of exports, the inclusion of Russian companies in the global chain of production of certain products.Said, including about food, and here the Ministry will work to help small businesses receive those certificates that are recognized by the largest companies peace, and thereby deliver products to these companies, "- said the head of the economic department.

Nevertheless, one of the most important issues discussed with foreign investors Maxim Oreshkin called the creation of a predictable environment, both from the point of view of macroeconomic policy and dynamics, and from the point of view of regulators.

"We noted the preparation of a new bill on non-tax payments, which we prepared in recent months, if it is adopted, there will also be stability of conditions for companies, understandability, predictability and transparency," the minister said, noting that he expects continued investment growth in subsequent years.