In the Don government half-year summed up the results

Results of social and economic development of the Rostov region in the first half of the year analysed at a meeting of the regional government which was held on August 17 by the governor Vasily Golubev.

Following the results of six months Don region not only held, but also improved the line items. The Rostov region was included into the top ten of regions of the country on the main indicators which growth rates are higher, than on average across Russia.

Don – on the second place on production of eggs, occupies the sixth – on a retail turnover, the seventh – on amount of shipped goods by the form of activities "production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water", on the eighth place in Russia – on amount of the entered housing and amount of paid services to the population, on the ninth place – on an index of industrial production.

The gross regional product, in comparison with the first half of the year of last year, grew by 1,2% and constituted 484 billion rubles. Turnover of the organizations developed in the amount of 1,4 trillion rubles that is 13% more than last year's. The profit of the organizations increased by 43% and I constituted 56 billion rubles.

The index of industrial production increased by 13%. The entities of the processing productions increased production by 13%.

The record harvest of early grain – more than 10,5 million tons is again reaped. In livestock production for 3,7% production of meat, is increased by 13% - eggs.

In six months 2016 in the Don economy 87 billion investments are involved, five investment projects from "governor's one hundred" by means of which about two thousand workplaces are created are realized.

It is put into operation more than 1 million quarter of meters of housing. This eighth place across Russia.

In the first half of the year the income of the consolidated budget is performed of 86 billion rubles. At the same time the amount of own budget revenues increased by 14% and made 70 billion rubles.

- By the main part of indicators the Rostov region is in dynamics, and it is quite good. But we have allowances, they need to be used, - Vasily Golubev emphasized.