GDP growth of Russia in the first quarter has made 0,2-0,4% according to the Central Bank

Investposlanie GDP growth of the Russian Federation in the first quarter 2017 has made 0,2-0,4%, at the same time taking into account elimination of a calendar factor growth of an indicator would be close to 1%. GDP growth in annual comparison was provided with activization of investment activity, increase in export and restoration of stocks of material current assets, has explained the regulator. "In the second quarter, by estimates, indicators of both consumer, and investment demand will continue to be restored. As a result rate of a gain of GDP in comparison with the last quarter with elimination of seasonal and calendar factors, as well as in the first quarter, will make 0,3-0,5%" — expect in the Bank of Russia. The official forecast of the Bank of Russia for 2017 stated in the report on monetary policy assumes GDP growth for 1-1,5%.