For further development of SME incentives for the accelerated development of micro business to level small and medium-sized business are required


The president of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium business "THE SUPPORT OF RUSSIA" Alexander Kalinin has made a speech at a plenary session of the Yalta international economic forum "The Country: development of economy of Russia".

In the performance Alexander Kalinin summarized that for more than 20 years in the country was quite steady small and medium business. According to the conducted researches "SUPPORT of RUSSIA", every third enterprise - more than 15 years. He has noted that the further growth and development of SME, so and economy in general, requires creation of incentives on acceleration of micro business to level small and medium, increase in his capitalization, investment potential, and also increase in availability of credit resources.

According to Alexander Kalinin, it is necessary to agree to accept the level of budget deficit of 3%, and to reduce a key interest rate of the Central Bank of Russia to 7 percent. Also as an effective source of growth there can be a return to an investment deduction on income tax and implementation of measures for increase in labor productivity.