Financial support for investors in the Don region with account the tax benefits amounted to more than 2 billion rubles in 2016


Minister of economic development of the region Maksim Papushenko held a press conference in the news agency "Interfax-Yug". The topic of the meeting with the journalists was "Investments in production as a basis for the growth of the Rostov region's economy."

In the largest media event were invited CEO of OOO "Agrocom" Sergei Sapotnitsky and manager of AO "Shakhtinsky zavod Hydraulic" Nikolai Gerken. This format of communication with the media pursued the goal to live in informal dialogue to identify key points of interaction between business and government.

- First of all, keep a positive dynamics of the Don economy has grown by 43 per cent profit of the profitable enterprises; growth of gross regional product amounted to 1.3 per cent; Index of industrial production - above 13 percent the same period last year; cargo turnover increased by six per cent - said the Minister. The most important factors in the development of the regional economy are investments, said Maxim Papushenko.

In general, in 2016 it is planned to attract 308 billion rubles of investments from all sources of funding. The journalists were also interested in trade, investment conditions, residents of the territory of advancing social and economic development "Gukovo", the prospect of TOSER status of the city of Donetsk and Zverevo and more.

Many questions were addressed to business representatives. In turn, entrepreneurs spoke about their experiences in the new economic conditions, various factors affecting the business, prospects for activity.

At the end of the press conference Maxim Papushenko said that such meeting of the regional government (economic bloc) with the business community and with the media will be scheduled on a regular basis.