Entrepreneurs are supported on all sides


May 31 at the Russian Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), which took place within the "zero day" of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), discussed a possible adjustment of the state support of this sector. In particular, the introduced norms of legislation on purchases of state-owned companies from small businesses will increase the volume of these transactions by 300 billion rubles. In addition, it is proposed to distribute loans from SMEs that banks did not manage to issue under the "Program 6.5" with the help of a new government interest rate subsidy program.

The head of the SME Corporation Alexander Braverman at the forum reported on the purchase of companies with state participation in SMEs. Recall, by law, such organizations are obliged to give 10% of their purchases to small and medium-sized companies. The volume of such purchases for four and a half months of this year reached 572.4 billion rubles. And by the end of the year will exceed 1.6 trillion rubles. (Against 1.5 trillion rubles in 2016). The range of purchases since 2015 has grown from 8,4 thousand to 121 thousand items. "The expansion of the nomenclature suggests that entrepreneurs are switching from simple goods to performing more complex contracts for the supply of high-tech products," Mr. Braverman said.

Despite of such successes, the government continues to adjust legislation in this area. Published on the Forkm resolution, expanded the list of the largest customers. In particular, this is done through changing the criteria for classifying organizations as regional level customers - the annual revenue threshold has been reduced from 2 billion rubles. Up to 500 million rubles. According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Economy Oleg Fomichev, this will increase the volume of purchases by 200-300 billion rubles.

Corrects the government and the principles of state support for concessional lending. "Program 6.5", which is transferred from the federal level (from large banks) to the regions, will be supplemented by the second part. Recall, "Program 6.5" is a program of concessional lending to SMEs with a limit of 125 billion rubles. According to it, the Central Bank funds banks by 6.5%, and the loans themselves are issued at 9.6% and 10.6% per annum to medium and small businesses, respectively.

At the forum, Maxim Parshin, director of the department for the development of SMEs in the Ministry of Economy, said that "the program of subsidizing banks at the expense of budget funds will be launched in the near future." It is assumed that the government will allocate 300 million rubles for it. The money will be used to compensate banks for the difference between 6.5% and the key CBR rate of 9.25%. The term of the loan will be increased from three to five years. At the same time, emphasis will be placed on investment loans, Maxim Parshin noted, saying that this would give an additional "serious impetus to the development of SME lending." As explained by Alexander Braverman, the program is planned to be structured as follows: the first two months, the systemically important banks will deal with accumulated and pre-approved loans, issue loans to entrepreneurs for all purposes without restrictions, and after two months - only for investment purposes and for five years.