100 Government investment projects

80 investment projects have been included in the list of «100 government investment projects» since 2011. Among them 21 projects have already been put into operation (as on 01.01.2014). At year-end 2013 10 projects with a total amount of investment 33 343, 53 million rubles from the list of «100 government investment projects» were put into operation. Realization of the projects resulted in 3834 new jobs in Rostov Region.

At the present day the list includes 59 investment projects with a total amount of investment −567 209,86 million rubles, that are realized in 25 municipal corporations of the region. These projects are going to create more than 33 thousand additional jobs in the region.

Dominant amount of projects are in traditional Rostov region spheres: agriculture and industrial construction, including fuel and energy complex, 17 of which are realized in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

Questions about renewal and addition to the list of «100 government investment projects» are quarterly considered by the Board of investment under the Governor of Rostov Region.

In accordance with the decision of the Board of investment presentations of projects (presented in the list) are organized by industrial business groups.