Series of consultations to socially-oriented businesses

Series of consultations to socially-oriented businesses will be held 20.06.2016 in Rostov-on-Don.The program is intended for young social entrepreneurs who want to improve their competence in the field of taxation, accounting, finance, business planning and government support. The goal of the program is formation skills of young social entrepreneurs, such as:
-formalization of project ideas to provide to potential investors;
-presentation of business projects to potential investors;
-evaluate the effectiveness of the use of various instruments of borrowing;
-tax optimization and accounting policies;
-form applications for state support.

Moderator is Abdulazizova Svetlana Leonidovna , vice-president of the TTP of the Rostov region. Series of consultations will be held 20.06.2016 from 14-00 to 16-00 in the municipal center of the development of entrepreneurship "Novii Rostov" at Rostov-on-Don, st. Gorky, 151, 3rd floor.

Participation is free event. Application for participation sent to: Phone: +7 (863) 268-76-16, +7 (863) 268-76-25.