Property support

In accordance with Federal Law of 24.07.2007 № 209-FL “Concerning the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Business in the Russian Federation” and other legal acts in Rostov region the property support is given to small and medium-sized business entities.

Property support of small and medium-sized businesses is assignation in possession and (or) exploitation of property of central or local government, including land property, buildings, constructions, structures, non-residential premises, equipment, machines, devices, facilities, vehicles, fittings, tools, for a fee, free or on easy terms. Indicated property should be used according to the intended purposes.

Decreasing coefficient 0,85 to the market value of rent of regional public property (non-residential premises) is established in Rostov region.( Regional law № 20-ЗС of 13.05.2008 “Development of small and medium entrepreneurship in Rostov region”)