Interdepartmental Commission on the elimination of administrative barriers

Regional interdepartmental Commission on reduction of administrative barriers on the way of entrepreneurial development was established in accordance with regulation of Government of Rostov region dated 02.03.2012 № 131

Commission was established for coordination and interaction of control organizations on the territory of Rostov region, regulation of auditing of business entities, provision of prosperous entrepreneurial climate and elimination of regulatory administrative and organizational barriers to the efficient development and operation of business.

Composition of the Commission:

Chairman - Vice-Governor of Rostov region, chairman of regional interdepartmental commission, Sergei Ivanovich Gorban’,

Vice Chairman - Bartenyev Vladimir Petrovich, Minister of Economic Development of Rostov Region, vice chairman of the regional - Abdulazizova Svetlana Leonidovna- director of department of investments and business of Rostov region, the Interdepartmental Commission.

tel. / Fax: (863) 240-59-49, 344050, Rostov-on-Don, Socialisticheskaya str., 112, office 712. Opening hours from 9.00 to 18.00

On the commission are representatives of local offices of federal agencies of executive and legislative branches of Rostov region, leaders of support of business infrastructure and public associations.

At commission meetings problematic issues of entrepreneurs are considered. The members of the regional and municipal commissions answer the questions of entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis. Appropriate decisions are made according to the results of meetings.

Measures directed to overcome the administrative barriers

At half-year end there were two meetings of the regional interdepartmental commissions to reduce administrative barriers.

On the 30.03.2014 there was a meeting with participants of foreign economic activities of Rostov region concerning the problem of competitive growth in regional business and entities engaged in foreign economic activities in Rostov region in accedence of Russia in WTO.

According to the results of meeting following decisions were made:

  • to provide consultancy support to small and medium-sized business entities SMSB, carrying out or planning to carry out foreign economic activity;

  • to organize informing of entrepreneurs – participants of foreign economic activity of readiness of customs authorities to accede in WTO by means of material posting on the Internet and on the official website of Southern Customs Department.

  • to organize monitoring of problems on the question of competitive growth of regional business and entities engaged in foreign economic activity of Rostov region in municipalities of the region.

Besides, the work on regulation of self-government authorities activity in the organization of municipal control was organized. Number of persons performing municipal control was determined; development of regulations of municipal inspections was started. The work of municipal corporations of the region of issue of semiannual reports of municipal control on a specialized portal of Ministry of Economic Development RF IS "Monitoring" was coordinated.

On the 27th June there was a meeting on problems and perspective of realization of land legislation to create conditions of entrepreneurial development.

Except for the members of inter-departmental commission on reduction of administrative barriers, the meeting was attended by representatives of public authorities of executive branch, administrations of urban districts and municipal districts of the region, including the feedback mode, video conferencing, business associations and social organizations, business support infrastructure, the business community.

At the present moment the draft decision is being negotiated.