Entrepreneurial Council by GRR

Entrepreneurial Council by Government of Rostov region was established in 2001 to provide the interaction of regional executive authorities and representatives of the business community, consolidation of their actions to develop proposals on the main directions of development of business on the territory of the region and participate in the realization of regional economic policy. In accordance with the Regional law “Concerning the Government of Rostov region,” Resolution of the Government of Rostov region dated 18.11.2011 № 132 the Regulation of the Council and its staff was approved.

Major tasks of the Council:

Formulation of proposals on the following issues: a) the development of new approaches to the development of entrepreneurship in Rostov region, reflection in their regional and municipal programs of business development; b) the improvement of normative legal acts regulating business activity, including tax, financial, credit and investment areas; c) the removal of regulatory legal and administrative barriers to business development; d) maximal realization of potential of cooperation between the state and the business community and others.

Assistance in formulation and implementation of State policy, aimed at the development of entrepreneurship.

Provision of interaction of public associations of entrepreneurs and business entities with the regional executive bodies and local government authorities, including the realization of projects under the public-private and municipal-private partnerships based on principles of mutual trust and transparency of intentions.

Assistance of organization of positive public opinion about entrepreneurship through propagation of good professional practice of performers of entrepreneurial activities.

Involvement of citizens, public associations and media representatives to discuss issues related to realization of citizens’ right for entrepreneurial business, and the development of recommendations on these issues.

Council’s staff: chairman Gorban Sergey Ivanovich — vice-governor of Rostov Region, vice-chairman Bartenyev Vladimir Petrovich — Minister of Economic Development of Rostov region, the executive secretary — leading specialist of informational and educational support department of investments and business of Rostov region,

tel. / Fax: (863) 240-56-28,344050, Rostov-on-Don, Socialisticheskaya str., 112, of.729 working hours from 9.00 to 18.00,

as well as representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fund for Support of Microentrepreneurship, Bank, etc..

The council members actively take part in realization of the regional and municipal programs of development of small business.

As part of the Council work in the cities and districts counseling offices were established and telephone numbers “hotline” were organized.

Public evaluation of normative legal acts regulating the development of small business in Rostov region.