Exhibition industry is one business card on which is judged on the economy of the region and its investment attractiveness.

Rostov region has unique opportunities for the development of exhibition activity in its territory: its geographical location and advanced transport infrastructure, economic, intellectual and cultural potential contribute to the formation of a new strategy for the further development of exhibition activity and improve the forms of relationships between the subjects of the exhibition business. That is why the issue of development and support of exhibition activity in the Rostov region is relevant.

In order to create a positive image of the Rostov region as the economic and business center of the South of Russia, as well as to increase the investment attractiveness of the region in the regional budget provides funds annually to support the priorities of exhibitions and fairs as a regional and inter-regional and international significance.
CEC "Vertol";
EC "Rostov Expo";
WF "Daelkom";
WF "Rostov Kupecheski";
WF "Expo-Don";
WF "Plaza-Expo".

Along with the Exhibition Company - organizer of events at the Rostov exhibition market operates a number of companies engaged in individual construction and decoration of stands of exhibitors, including collective expositions of the Rostov region on visiting exhibitions and fairs. Major exhibitions and fairs in the Rostov Region held in the city of Rostov-on-Don on the only specialized exhibition venue - VTS "VertolEkspo", the Congress-Hotel "Don Plaza".