Attention to small and medium-sized businesses

For customer segment of small and micro businesses is now available a new loan product "Business Start", launched by Sberbank of Russia from 30.11.2011 year. Advantages of the "Business-start" of the product:
-the ability to obtain a loan in the amount of up to 3 million rubles to start their own business with "zero" for the franchise, provided by an accredited company-franchisor.;
-speed and commonality of procedures for decision-making;
-delay in repayment of the principal debt - up to 6 months;
-longer loan term - up to 3.5 years;
-there is no requirement for registration of additional collateral (a pledge issued a guarantee of an individual and non-current assets, acquired at the expense of credit funds).

From 03.02.2012 ANO “Opora-druzhby” is involved to participate in the project, which offered 3 ready business - solutions for start-ups:
-autobench for minor repairs of clothes, shoes, etc .;
-autobench on the retail sale of fruit and vegetables;
-autobench for the manufacture and sale of pancakes.

The cost of projects varies from 400.0 thousand rubles to 800.0 thousand rubles, depending on the selected business. Ready business - solutions based on simple and proven business - models and sell in the mass segment products and services. Ready business - solutions of ANO “Opora-druzhby” includes everything you need to start a business entrepreneur:
-equipped with a mobile platform for the introduction of selected business;
-a special education program;
-detailed guidance for the novice entrepreneur, which are documented in detail all business - processes the selected enterprises;
-consulting support and maintenance;
-worked funding instruments.

More information you can find in South-Western Bank of Sberbank of Russia, tel. +7 (863) 269-01-17, +7 (863) 269-01-18, +7 (863) 287-80-27,