Guarantee fund

NCO “Guarantee fund of Rostov region” was registered on 28.09.2009.

In accordance with regulations of assignment of surety Guarantee fund provides guarantees to small and medium-sized business entities and infrastructure organizations of support of small and medium-sized businesses (hereinafter referred to as Borrowers) who are short of their own mortgage security to gain credit, bank guarantee and leasing.

Fund capitalization (thousand rubles)

Regional budget
Federal budget
In total:
Proceeds of activity
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Overall total:

Limits of Fund Guarantee are established: loans −2 402,99 thousand rubles, bank guarantee — 20 000,0 thousand rubles.

The maximum amount of guarantee- 70 % of Borrower’s obligations. The maximum amount of surety of the Fund is unable to exceed 50 mln rub on secured Borrower’s obligation for investment purposes, the maximum amount of surety in other target areas of secured obligation is unable to exceed 20 mln rubles for one Borrower.

Cooperation agreements concerning provision of surety by Guarantee Fund are concluded: with 24 banks- for loans, with 3 banks for contracts for provision of bank guarantee.

The size of remuneration for guarantee issue is calculated under the procedure of estimation of Fund remuneration by certain Regulations given to guarantees.

Borrowers individually apply to partner banks with loan request, bank guarantee, leasing.

Guarantees are provided only after bank acceptance of preliminary positive decision about credit granting.

Fund guarantees are provided to Borrowers who:

  • Are registered and operating on the territory of Rostov region for at least 3 months;

  • By credit contracts, concluded for a period not less than 1 year and in amount exceeding 1 mln rubles;

  • Don’t have violation of terms of earlier concluded credit agreements, loan agreements, leasing, etc. for 3 months, preceding the date of applying for the guarantee fund;

  • Don’t have past due debts of taxes charged, duties and other obligatory payments to the budgets of all levels;

  • In respect of whom insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy) including supervision, financial restructuring, trusteeship, competition management, or sanctions in the form of cancellation or suspension of a license (if Borrower activities subject to licensing) have not been applied for 2 years (or smaller period, depending on period of business activity) preceding the date of applying for the guarantee fund;

  • Provide credit guarantee in the amount not less than 30% of the sum of their obligation in terms of return of received amount of credit.

Fund guarantees are not provided to Borrowers:

  • By credit contracts, received for the purposes of performing calculations of current expenditures payments of loan service;

  • in the process of reorganization, liquidation or in respect of which the bankruptcy procedure has been commenced in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

  • who have past-due debts in payment of taxes, fees, insurance premiums, fines and tax penalties to the budgets of all levels (except for Borrowers who in accordance with the established procedure have finalized a debt restructuring arrangement, performing schedules for the settlement of indebtedness and fulfilling current payments by the due date );

  • who are not registered and do not transact business in Rostov region;

  • who carry out the production and sale of excisable goods, as well as the production and sale of natural resources, with the exception of common commercial minerals;

  • who are credit institutions, insurance companies, investment funds, private pension funds, professional participants of the securities market, pawnshops;

  • participants of the production sharing agreements;

  • who carry on business in the field of gambling.

Additional information concerning guarantee issues you can get in the Guarantee Fund by telephone: (863) 280-04-06, 280-04-07,, as well as in the department of investments and business of Rostov region by telephone (863) 240-18-35 (contact person: expert of Department of financial Support of Entrepreneurship Development — Gurina Natalia Urievna).