Offers of OOO "SMB- Lizing"

OOO "SMB- Lizing" has a comprehensive approach to the organization of transactions on lease of any fixed assets. Today the company implemented leasing projects from road construction companies, trading enterprises, companies that provide services to long-distance and international transportation, maintenance companies, construction firms, as well as housing and communal services enterprises.

The competitive advantage of OOO "SMB- Lizing" is the presence of the head office in the capital of the Southern Federal District - Rostov-on-Don, which allows us to make more profitable lease, make decisions quickly, eliminating wasted time. Knowing the specifics of regional business and the ability to understand customer needs, allows us to create the best deal on the market for small sized enterprises.

Today we can offer our clients the following basic conditions:

Long-term financing, leasing period to 5 years
The minimum amount of advance from 15%
In certain cases guarantee the manager / founder
Appreciation of the value
of the purchased property
from 7,5% in year
Time for decision on possible cooperation   3 days
The amount of funding from 500 thousand rubles
Region Rostov Region and Krasnodar Territory
Chart type Annuity, decreasing, seasonal

We developing together with you! Our company is just a few years, many of our clients work in their fields for much longer. But it is cooperating with us allowing them to carry out investment plans, to make a breakthrough in business development. It was made possible thanks to the efficient organization of our company in the leasing transaction process, the professionalism of the team and its commitment to customer success.

344002, Rostov-on-Don, Voroshilovski Avenue, 62, office 702.
Phone: +7 (863) 244-18-64, 8-960-457-55-88.