XV Regional Forum Entrepreneurship Siberia (October 20-22, 2016, Krasnoyarsk)

The purpose of the Forum - the continuation of direct, open dialogue between business and government, the solution of concrete problems of business development strategy in the Russian Federation, the development of consolidated proposals from the regions of Russia on the federal level.

Organizers of the Forum - the Krasnoyarsk Territory Government, trade unions and business associations, exhibition company "Krasnoyarsk fair", with the support of Ministry of Economic Development, SME Corporation.

For a discussion of topical issues and exchange of experience in the Forum are invited professionals of regional and federal business community, representatives of federal and regional authorities and local authorities, organizations of business support infrastructure, the delegation of the other subjects of the Russian Federation.

In order to establish mutually beneficial cooperation between entrepreneurs from different regions exchange of business contacts will be organized.

The event will be held in the International Exhibition and Business Center "Siberia", Krasnoyarsk, ul. Aviators, 19.

Detailed information on the websites: www.smb24.ru, www.krasfair.ru.
Contacts: Company "Krasnoyarsk Fair" Zarubin Vyacheslav E., tel. (391) 22-88-405, e-mail: zarubin@krasfair.ru, fdu@krasfair.ru.