Competition organizers are FGBOU IN "Russian University of Economics. GV Plekhanov "and Charity Foundation of Educational Programs" Сaptains "

The aim of the contest is to identify and support successful social projects, developers who get on a competitive basis:

a scholarship to study at the master's program "Management of business" in FGBOU IN "REU them. GV Plekhanov "(Moscow) with the acceleration of author's projects,

financial support for the project as a result of improvements to the stage of the investment proposals on a competitive basis.

The contest is held for two categories of participants:

the category of "The Graduate" - graduates of Russian universities in 2016 all areas of training and qualifications, priority trained in managerial and economic directions (specialties) - authors of social or business - projects;

category of "Entrepreneur" - young people not older than 30 years - the leaders of social - entrepreneurial projects for all subjects of Russia as an operating business leaders, social entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and authors of business - projects in the social sphere.

Application must be submitted by e-mail: marked "Competition Captains Russia."

Deadline for submission is until 15 July 2016

For more information visit: