The forum practical work for businessmen and heads will take place in Moscow on May 25 – 26

INNFORUM — the action which doesn't have analogs. Its main task – to give knowledge and skills, to help to expand the horizons of thinking and to inspire on big fulfillments.


Speakers of INNFORUM are the famous scientists, successful businessmen innovators, psychologists, kouch. The forum includes three streams directed to obtaining practical skills, personal development and disclosure of own potential. There will be no listeners – everyone will become the active participant at the event. Participants will formulate in common questions and to look for answers, to impart experience, knowledge, energy for actions. All this will help to rethink business, career and own life. Also the world around will allow to look in a new way at itself. But the most important – will inspire to take a decisive and decisive step to development of the business and itself.

Main subjects of a forum:

• Education of the businessman. You gain real knowledge and skills from the best experts in the field of management, marketing, finance, HR in Russia.

• Internal resources. You will see how to realize the internal potential, where to take inspiration, energy and motivation for big fulfillments.

• Personal development. You learn how the thinking changes life, myths and the truth about personal efficiency and leadership whether the balance between private life and work is necessary. What do you receive?

• An incentive for the personal growth and development.

• Knowledge and abilities for opening of own business.

• Inspiration for big undertakings.

• Expansion of professional opportunities.

• Effective skills for work and life.

• High-quality changes in life.

Date of a forum: May 25-26, 2017.