Synergy Global Forum will be held in Moscow on November 27-28

The task of the Synergy Global Forum is to give everyone the opportunity to gain new knowledge, inspiration and motivation from international experts. At the forum you can see live the best speakers of the planet, whose ideas can change the world. The program of the forum covers the most relevant areas of knowledge: entrepreneurship, management, leadership, personal effectiveness and not only.


It does not matter where you live and what you do, you already have your own business, work for hire or are looking for your business - you should visit the main business event of the year.

The Synergy Global Forum has been held since 2015, and during this time, such world-class speakers as Guy Kawasaki, Brian Tracy, Robert Chaldini, Allan Pease, David Allen, Yitzhak Adizes, Keith Ferrazzi and many others have already appeared on the stage of the forum. In 2017-2018, the Forum enters the international level. This is a platform for active communication. At Synergy Global Forum get acquainted, exchange knowledge and experience, conduct business negotiations with future partners. Strong business ties are established here and a new business community is born.