Russian Investment Summit (December 14, 2017, Moscow, Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya Hotel)


On December 14, 2017, the Russian Investment Summit will be held in Moscow.

The organizer of the Summit is the National Investment Association, which has long-term contacts with global and Russian investors, promotes investment attraction and business development.

The Summit will provide the latest information on the venture funds being formed in the country, investing in innovative companies, and new ways of financing the business that is being created and operating.

Participants of the Russian Investment Summit are state and private corporations, representatives of federal ministries and departments, investment and venture companies, mutual funds, banks, management companies, manufacturing enterprises, project initiators.

The Russian Investment Summit is a discussion platform for representatives of government authorities, investors and project initiators. The rich program of the Summit includes:

- forecasts and strategies for 2018 from leading Russian economists;

- speeches of representatives of the leadership of state and private corporations;

- negotiations of investors with enterprises and initiators of projects;

- presentations of investors financing in the regions complex systems of street lighting, security, high-speed telephony and the Internet ("Smart City").