Beginning entrepreneurs are invited to the business incubator (apply before 10.07.17)


The Ministry of Economic Development of the Rostov Region conducts a competitive selection of small businesses for placement in the vacated premises of the Rostov business incubator located at: Rostov-on-Don, ul. Dumenko, 1/3, the area of 15m2, 19.1m2, 20m, 2 24m2, 29.3m2. Applications for participation in the contest are accepted until July 10, 2017 inclusive.

Basic conditions for participation in the contest:
1) the period of activity of a small business entity from the moment of state registration to the moment of filing an application for participation in a tender shall not exceed three years;

2) the business incubator does not allow placement of SMPs that carry out the following activities:

- financial, insurance services;

- retail or wholesale trade;

- construction, including repair and construction work;

- services of lawyers, notariat;

- pawnshops;

- domestic services;

- repair, maintenance and cleaning of vehicles;

- distribution of outdoor advertising using advertising structures, advertising on vehicles;

- rendering of motor transportation services for transportation of passengers and cargo;

- medical and veterinary services;

- catering (except for canteens for business incubator employees and organizations located in it);

- Real estate transactions, including the provision of intermediary services;

- production of excisable goods, except for the manufacture of jewelry;

- extraction and sale of minerals;

- gambling business.

The applications are accepted at: Rostov-on-Don, ul. Socialist, 112, к.841, тел. (863) 240-16-37, as well as in the MFC at the addresses.

Contact person: Bezusov Artem Mikhailovich.

Consultations on drafting a business plan can be obtained from specialists of the Autonomous Non-profit Organization - the microfinance company "Rostov Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship Support", at: Rostov-on-Don, ul. Sedov, 6/3, tel. (863) 262-35-15, 308-19-11.